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EFM has launched io

which can transmit up to 20 digital inputs as a bridge to industry 4.0. In order to continue and enrich its product categories, EFM once again has launched an innovative IO link input module, which can transmit up to 20 digital inputs. It is also unhurried to deal with food hygiene applications in humid environments

(the IO link input module can expand an interface of the IO link master station to a maximum of 10 x 2 inputs)

with the new IO link input module suitable for field applications, you can easily and economically add up to 20 digital inputs to the IO link master station, and transmit the signal to any IO link master station/plc via a non shielded M12 cable, helping you bid farewell to the traditional junction box! Even in the face of line faults, simple troubleshooting and maintenance can be realized

the module can reliably detect the signal with the shortest time of 1.5 ms, and adopts decentralized positioning, which reduces the wiring cost and avoids complex wiring problems. In contrast to the bus system, IO link does not require any configuration or addressing, which undoubtedly simplifies installation. What needs to be done for the daily and weekly maintenance of the 2-Metal tensile testing machine of each M12 socket? Pin and 4-pin are configured as binary inputs, which can smoothly connect normally closed or normally open sensors. The input equipment has provided infinite potential complete overload and short-circuit protection

easily optimize input signals

a special function of the module is to preprocess the input signals through different filters to suppress interference signals, enhance and reverse process the input signals, and then transmit them to IO link

widely used

the module has two designs: the orange field module of the coolant series is resistant to oil and coolant, which is suitable for general industrial applications

based on the shell material, grey module acid-base resistant cleaning fluid, with high protection grade of IP 68/IP 69K, is very suitable for health and food applications

product features

● effectively connect binary sensors and IO link

● use up to 20 digital inputs to expand the IO link master station

● high protection level IP 68/IP 69k

the exhibition organizer will cover 17200 solar energy cells on the wing surface of area a and area B for visitors ● suitable for industrial or sanitary food environment

● preprocess input signals through digital input filters

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