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Innovation of eight new chromatographic products leads the technology trend

scientific development lies in breakthrough and innovation. As a hot field in the analytical instrument industry, the intensification of market competition in the chromatographic industry forces enterprises to continuously develop new products, so as to obtain the initiative of survival

innovation is the main melody of the times. In the first half of the past year, leading enterprises in the domestic instrument industry, such as haiguang instrument, Tianmei group, Wufeng instrument, simefi, Shimadzu, etc., independently developed and produced many new chromatographic products, boosting the take-off of the chromatographic industry

shopex:ohpak lb-805 chromatographic column for multi angle light scattering detector

in recent years, the application and development of chromatographic technology have made rapid progress, and the chromatographic column industry is also in the ascendant. In the domestic chromatographic column market, foreign enterprises still occupy an absolutely leading position. Shodex is one of them. At labworld China 2018 a few days ago, the SEC chromatographic column ohpak lb-805 for multi angle light scattering was unveiled. As a high-quality product created by shodex, it integrates a variety of innovative elements. Applicable to the detection of low molecular weight samples; The baseline noise is greatly reduced and the high sensitivity analysis of small molecule compounds is realized; Available in water systems, specified organic solvents and corresponding to a wide range of molecular weights

kromasil: kromasil, a leading brand of new SFC xt

industrialized high-pressure preparative chromatographic packing, released a new product based on the eternity XT platform technology - preparative SFC packing SFC XT and the corresponding chromatographic column. The new SFC XT uses high-purity silica gel as the matrix, and uses kromasil's unique inorganic organic silane hybrid technology to modify the matrix, which not only increases the chemical stability of the stationary phase, but also provides a unique separation mechanism for the separation of compounds. Compared with traditional liquid chromatography, SFC technology uses less organic solvents to achieve higher separation and purification efficiency. This environmentally friendly green technology has attracted more and more attention

Thermo Fisher: the multi-functional high-pressure ion chromatography system ics6000

. The multi-functional high-pressure ion chromatography system ics6000 is designed for users who want to expand the field of ion analysis with the concept of "foresight and free exploration", and meets the performance requirements of daily analysis and researchers for the convenience, flexibility, durability and rapid analysis of the instrument

Shimadzu: micro flow liquid chromatography mass spectrometer

Shimadzu company launched the micro flow liquid chromatography mass spectrometer "nexera mikros" in Japan. The product continues the durability and ease of operation of Shimadzu liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS). The nexera mikros system can correspond to the semi micro flow rate (100 μ L/mi n-500 from the perspective of energy conservation and emission reduction μ L/min) to micro flow rate (1 μ L/min——10 μ L/min), which can improve the analytical sensitivity by more than 10 times while taking into account the durability and ease of operation. Shimadzu will continuously contribute to improving the work efficiency of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and clinical analysis institutions through this product. The tensile performance test of glass fiber reinforced plastics includes the tensile performance test of glass fiber fabric reinforced plastics and short cut glass fiber reinforced plastics

water acquity arc bio system

water acquity arc bio system. This well-designed universal quaternary liquid chromatography system is made of bio inert materials without iron, which can effectively convert and improve the biological separation method developed by any LC platform. This product can selectively retain and concentrate alkaline compounds while removing up to 99% of phospholipids, and the sample processing speed is twice that of traditional mixed mode solid phase extraction (SPE) products

haiguang instrument: lc-afs6500 Liquid Chromatography Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer in 2018, the lc-afs6500 Liquid Chromatography Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer newly developed by haiguang instrument can be used for both morphological analysis and total amount analysis. One machine for two purposes, saving cost; High performance coding hollow cathode lamps, meters, BMW Benz cars and aviation seats are made of polyether products here, which can automatically identify and monitor the service life. Cathode lamp adopts constant current drive and pulse power supply mode; Specially designed shielded quartz furnace low temperature atomizer (patent) reduces fluorescence quenching and gas phase interference, and improves atomization efficiency; Adopt the latest design of high-efficiency gas-liquid separation device (patent). New upgrades have been made in operation and performance

Tianmei group: 436c/456c gas chromatograph

Tianmei has many new achievements in engineering development in various commercial fields. Sailian 436c/456c gas chromatograph is a new generation of gas chromatograph integrated with world technology introduced by Shanghai Tianmei Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. with its own years of production and manufacturing experience. Sailian 436c/456c gas chromatograph focuses on user operability and product quality and stability, and is committed to becoming the first brand of gas chromatography in China

Wufeng instrument: lc-80 chromini high performance liquid chromatograph

lc-80 chromini high performance liquid chromatograph is an all-in-one liquid chromatograph developed for chromatographic users with specific analytical application and large quantity and wide range. The instrument is a high-precision chromatographic instrument with high integration, miniaturization, modularization, intelligence, simple use, simple maintenance and strong mobility, which is newly developed by the powerful Wufeng instrument for coke and coking coal. It is widely used in research, production, quality control, food safety, life science, environmental monitoring and other fields in the pharmaceutical industry, and has won a good reputation among users

based on the country's continuous investment in food, environmental protection, medicine and other fields, the Chinese market has huge development opportunities and growth potential. Some leading enterprises pay more attention to the layout of the Chinese market. This is also true in the field of chromatography

judging from the development trend of new chromatographic technologies, at present, both at home and abroad, the combined technology is a promising research direction in the industry, and will have a good development and application prospect. During this period, domestic chromatographic enterprises should take advantage of local resources to improve their independent innovation ability and actively respond to severe market challenges

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