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EFI jetrion 3025 printed 13million tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games recently, EFI announced that its jetrion series 3025 inkjet system successfully printed 13million tickets for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPMC)

efi jetrion 3025 can ensure that the attendants' requirements for ticket image quality and clarity are met. In addition to the stable color, the ink-jet printing device of jetrion 3025 can also print all variable and personalized information on tickets, such as ticket number, name, date and time, as well as the name and seat information of sports events and stadiums. This time EFI jetrion 3025 was responsible for printing 8million electronic tickets and 5million consecutive parallel discount tickets

compared with inert materials, President Li of China National banknote printing and Minting Corporation said that he was happy to use EFI's jetrion 3025 equipment to print tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games. Printing Olympic tickets has always been a great honor for us. I sincerely wish the Olympic Committee and all athletes a very successful and happy Olympic games

as the agent of EFI jetrion 3025 in China, chengkangying, general manager of Baochi group, said that it is a great honor for us to win the Olympic ticket when the test piece is under pressure. We have the ability to provide a reliable and stable overall printing RFID solution for the Olympic ticket. EFI has provided convincing services and technologies, and I am glad to cooperate with them to realize this challenging project

ken stack, vice president and general manager of EFI, said that the coefficients on the EFI jetrion 3025 printer and its special ultraviolet solid equipment panel will show biased ink, which can fully ensure the reliable and accurate printing of variable information in Chinese characters. In addition, the ink is well attached to the special banknote paper. EFI is deeply honored that jetrion 3025 can be selected as the equipment for printing tickets for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. We look forward to closer cooperation with China National banknote printing and Minting Corporation and Baochi group in the future to further develop the cooperative relationship between them

China National banknote printing and Minting Corporation purchased the equipment from Baochi group, EFI's exclusive distributor in China. EFI jetrion 3025 is the best equipment that can print variable data (such as address, bar code, serial number, date and other variable data) at the speed of printing machine in the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development, It can be used in a wide range of substrate materials for high-quality printing output with multi-color rapid curing UV ink and highly reliable solvent ink

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