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Eight heavy pollution industries including haze control cement glass in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, all stopped production

the haze weather hit again. At 8:00 on December 1, Shijiazhuang started the red (level I) emergency response for heavy pollution weather. This important northern town with traditional industries is once again facing a severe test

during the several days from November 28 to December 1, the field survey in Shijiazhuang found that many factories have stopped production, many construction sites have stopped work, and buses can be taken for free. At 6:00 a.m. on December 1, Shijiazhuang municipal government also disclosed eight typical cases of gas related environmental pollution seriously investigated and dealt with at its official level

a campaign of "cutting pollution with a sharp sword" has been launched to prevent and control air pollution

on November 17, Shijiazhuang municipal government issued the implementation plan for carrying out the action of cutting pollution with a sharp sword (hereinafter referred to as the plan), and decided to use the only 45 days to control haze by the end of the year. The specific measures include the suspension of all seven industries, such as steel, cement, coking, casting, glass, ceramics, calcium and magnesium, the implementation of single and double number restrictions on motor vehicles in the main urban area, and the wrong time for all units to work

in fact, the above seven industries are not the only ones that have stopped production. On the evening of November 20, Huabei pharmaceutical released the notice of shutdown prompt of the company and its subsidiaries (branches), saying that the "Shijiazhuang air pollution prevention and control dispatching order" received on November 18 required all pharmaceutical enterprises in the city to stop production and not return to production without the approval of the municipal government to unload the oil collector

wangcanfa, director of the Institute of environmental and resource law of China University of political science and law, said that in addition to the emergency measures such as the action of cutting pollution with a sharp sword, it is more important to adhere to the daily strict law enforcement. We can't just rely on the sharp sword. If the sharp sword is cut too much, the society can't operate normally

On November 30, in TONGYE Town, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City, a No. 318 bus came from the south to the north, and a red lettered sign on a yellow background was placed in a prominent position at the front of the bus, which said "free ride"

according to the requirements of the plan, from November 17 to December 31, the main urban area of Shijiazhuang will implement single and even number traffic restriction, and the city buses will be free to take during the period of restriction

take bus No. 318 and get off at "beitongye" station. You can see a construction site in the east of the road. The dust pollution prevention signboard shows that the name of the project is "aohualan County residential building and garage". When I walked in, there was no one at the gate post. In the construction site, the two yellow tower cranes all stopped without moving. There was no worker in the whole construction site, so it was very quiet

after waiting for a long time, a man finally came. He told me that because of the requirements of the municipal government to control smog, the work here had been suspended, and the workers had all taken leave, leaving only a few of them to "dry the steel bars"

when you leave the construction site, you can see the banner "do everything possible to control air pollution and make concerted efforts to create a livable home" on the roadside. Two more stops to the north are Shijiazhuang Yongxin Casting Co., Ltd. now, it is quiet here. There is no one in the clean factory

"I just received a bill of 2million yuan and suddenly stopped production. The government did not give compensation, so I had to explain to the customer and show the other party the notice of production stop." Xingshaonan said that in 2013, the government called on enterprises to change coal to gas and coal to electricity. It spent 500000 yuan on environmental protection equipment, eliminated old processes and put new production lines, and added shed covers to the plants. A total of more than 2 million yuan was invested. It is reasonable to say that there is no pollution, but this time it is still going to stop production

it is not only these enterprises that are affected, but also Shijiazhuang Zhengdao Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. that continues to go north. According to the requirements of the plan, the pharmaceutical industry in the city will be subject to list management. In principle, all volatile organic compounds production processes will be shut down

"in the past, the production was reduced by 50% in response to the secondary warning of heavy pollution weather, and this time it is required to stop production completely." A manager surnamed Xu of Shijiazhuang Zhengdao Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said, "this has a great impact. The workers have a holiday, and the loss can not be calculated."

a colleague of manager Xu told her that her husband worked in a nearby concrete mixing plant and stopped work according to the requirements of the plan. At present, he has been at home for more than ten days

on the way back to Shijiazhuang city after leaving the factory, the taxi driver pointed to a new road to the East on the south side of Shangzhuang street and said that this road is the West extension of the South Second Ring Road. If it is repaired, it will only take 10 minutes from here to Shijiazhuang railway station. The road was originally planned to be opened to traffic in December, but the construction site was shut down due to haze control, and the opening time is also far away

determination of the government

in the plan, "all production stops", "all use stops", "all work stops", "all prohibition", "24-hour prohibition" and other words frequently appear, which makes people feel the determination of the government

at 6 a.m. on December 1, Shijiazhuang municipal government disclosed 8 typical cases of gas related environmental pollution seriously investigated and dealt with at its official station. The red (level I) emergency response for heavy pollution weather was started at 8:00 on the same day

according to the objectives published in the plan, the first is to ensure PM2 in 2016. 5. The annual average concentration will not rise instead of falling, and strive to complete the PM2 issued by the provincial government. 5. The target task of reducing the annual average concentration by 10%; The second is to ensure that there is no "table burst" weather with AQI daily average value of more than 500 by the end of the year

it is understood that in the 2016 work plan of Shijiazhuang air pollution prevention and control action released by Shijiazhuang municipal government in May this year, it is proposed that in this year, the number of excellent days in Shijiazhuang should reach more than 200 days, and strive to withdraw from the top 10 in the air quality of 74 key cities in China. However, on November 14, according to the air quality status of key regions and 74 cities in October released by the Ministry of environmental protection, Shijiazhuang ranked 74th and took the lead from the bottom

Xuetao, executive director of E20 Research Institute, said that the sharp sword action to cut pollution in Shijiazhuang this time is very similar to the pollution control action in Linyi, Shandong last year, with great efforts. However, Linyi has encountered great resistance to pollution control, and Shijiazhuang is much better. This is because the problem in Shijiazhuang is more serious and the public has psychological expectations

the plan also stipulates 13 safeguard measures, including reporting the supervision situation to the supervision office of the municipal government and the municipal gas and water office at 5:00 p.m. every day, focusing on secret inspection, unannounced visits and night raids, and implementing the system of daily dispatch, notification and daily notification. On November 30, zhaihengwei, the publicity director of Shijiazhuang Lijian anti pollution action office, said that these safeguard measures have been implemented

"there are many inspections. I will come to the factory once a day." Xingshaonan said, "generally, the people who come to inspect are the cadres of the township government and the staff of the District Environmental Protection Bureau."

conflict and doubt

Zhai HENGWEI told that the action of cutting pollution with a sharp sword is currently being promoted, and the preliminary effect is not stable

during the visit, it was also found that some enterprises still started work secretly in violation of the requirements of the plan. For example, Xinma may be damaged in Shijiazhuang; In the workshop of Industrial Co., Ltd., I saw a worker carrying out welding operation. According to the requirements of the plan, without the approval of the municipal government, spraying, welding, cutting and other construction operations with dust and toxic and harmful gas emissions are prohibited in the main urban area and county-level urban built-up areas

many citizens also questioned the measures to restrict the traffic on single and even numbers. On November 29, the traffic on even numbers was restricted, but two motor vehicles with even tail numbers were driving on the road and were fined 100 yuan by the traffic police

Guangming commented that the government's "enlarged measures" to deal with haze should also be made in accordance with laws and regulations, and the decision to restrict travel by single or even numbers not only impedes people's travel rights, but also is suspected of infringing property rights; There is also a lack of legal basis for ordering "all seven industries in the city, including steel, cement, coking, casting, glass, ceramics, calcium and magnesium, to stop production"

in this regard, wangcanfa said that according to Article 96 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution, local people's governments at or above the county level should start the emergency plan in a timely manner according to the early warning level of heavily polluted weather. According to the emergency needs, they can order relevant enterprises to stop production or limit production, restrict the driving of some motor vehicles, prohibit the setting off of fireworks and firecrackers, stop the construction of earthwork and building demolition Stop outdoor barbecue, stop outdoor activities organized by kindergartens and schools, and organize and carry out weather modification operations and other emergency measures

"this emergency measure is an administrative order, and the people's government has the power of this emergency order, so the action of cutting pollution with a sharp sword is not illegal." Wang Canfa said, "unless it can be proved that the measures taken by the government are unnecessary, for example, even if these vehicles are on the road or the factory starts, they will not cause serious haze."

in his opinion, the implementation of the action of cutting pollution with a sharp sword is actually a punishment for Shijiazhuang's development mode of high investment, high pollution and low output in the past few decades. In the past, many enterprises did not take pollution control measures, resulting in a large amount of pollution. Now the environmental protection requirements are strict, and the local government can't solve it, so they have to take this more "arbitrary" approach

"as far as I know, there are many enterprises in Hebei that have not gone through environmental assessment procedures and are illegal enterprises that have not been approved to build first. It is no problem for these enterprises to shut down." Wangcanfa said that the cost is obviously inferior to the stock capacity. "However, it seems a little inappropriate to shut down legal enterprises across the board."

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