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Now the living room furniture of solid wood sofa is more popular, so how to choose and buy solid wood sofa? Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you the purchasing methods of living room furniture of solid wood sofa, and recommend several brands of solid wood sofa for you

purchasing method of living room furniture of solid wood sofa

1 Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of wooden sofa, and observe from the inside of the sofa to see whether the wood is dry and white, and whether the texture is tight and delicate

2. To see whether the wood is defective, the main stress points of the sofa need special attention, such as columns and load-bearing bars connecting columns close to the ground, so these parts should be paid more attention to see whether there are large knots, cracks and cracks

3. Observe the plate surface strength. The board surface can be stressed with fingers to feel the fastness of the board surface. One side of the material should be fixed with a well shaped fixed frame. If the skeleton is sparse, it will feel empty and unreal when pressing the surface, and the panel vibrates greatly; The paint film on the surface of the product shall not be wrinkled, sticky or leaked

4. Consumers can also shake the solid wood sofa slightly to check whether its main structure is loose. If the sofa frame is loose, there will be a sound when shaking

5. In the final analysis, solid wood sofa is still a seat. Therefore, the most important thing is to sit comfortably. When buying a sofa, you must sit on it and experience it

solid wood sofa, brand selection of living room furniture

1 Federal, 2 Nanyang Hu, 3 China Japan, 4 Double leaf, 5 Guangming, 6 Hua He, 7 Qumei, 8 Stars and moon

the above are several well-known and good solid wood sofa living room furniture brands, you can judge

the above is the purchasing method and brand selection of solid wood sofa living room furniture introduced by Xiaobian. Purchasing methods are still very important. You can see that purchasing furniture can come in handy. I hope it can help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this website, and look forward to more highlights




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