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With the improvement of consumers' requirements for the home environment, the solid wood floor in the room has become one of the favorite decorative materials of consumers. Although the solid wood floor is good, its price is also relatively expensive. Sometimes we have to give up because we don't know the price of solid wood floor. Next, I'll introduce the prices of several high-end solid wood floors commonly used in the market and give you a general understanding of the mapping of solid wood floors

recommended solid wood floor mapping I. jade sandalwood. Jade sandalwood is very valuable. You can smell its fragrance from a distance. The price of this kind of solid wood flooring is mostly more than 1500 yuan/㎡, which is a real high-end product

solid wood floor mapping is recommended. II. Chicken wing wood. The valuable characteristics of chicken wing wood are prominent. Now, on the exaggerated special patterns, the market price is between 1500-2000 yuan/㎡

solid wood floor mapping is recommended. Now the most precious Hainan Huanghua pear in the world can hardly be found. Now the Huanghua pear solid wood floor on the market is not made of Hainan Huanghua pear, but the price performance is also very high-end, about 2000 yuan/㎡

solid wood floor mapping recommendation 4: red sandalwood. South American red sandalwood is a precious wood species. In fact, the price of wood flooring is equivalent to that of teak, about 1000 yuan/㎡

warm reminder: the above solid wood floor price and solid wood floor mapping are all based on the common prices in the market. Consumers should pay attention to judge whether the floor price conforms to the market law according to the value of the selected wood species, and the solid wood floor will be used longer only after regular maintenance





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