How to survive in adversity in coating industry

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Due to the rising prices of raw materials, difficulties in enterprise financing, rising labor costs and other factors, the survival status of coating enterprises has been seriously affected. In the face of the ruthless market economic environment and the sluggish environment of the industry trend in recent years, the survival environment of coating enterprises wandering between big brands and miscellaneous brands is even worse

as we all know, big brands have great influence, high customer loyalty, strong natural profitability, and strong resource accumulation, so we lose no time to launch the "sweeping" strong expansion strategy of "opening large stores and multiple stores". However, due to the small size and low cost of miscellaneous coatings, the low price war has made it almost impossible for the coating enterprises wandering between the two to have a foothold

originally, these enterprises' brand influence is weak, the added value is low, and there are strong competitors around, so the profitability of these enterprises is becoming weaker. However, no enterprise is willing to become a "victim" in the current situation. Since you can't escape, you can only face it bravely. How to win by surprise, break out of the siege and rise suddenly has become the key to these coating enterprises

first of all, paint enterprises must have enough confidence. Consciousness determines action, and mentality determines success or failure. For enterprises that wander between big brands and miscellaneous brands, confidence is the primary and necessary condition

then, can you break out of the tight encirclement with confidence? Of course not. In addition to confidence, these wandering enterprises also need to master the following survival rules to survive adversity

brand shaping positioning consumer audience

for paint enterprises, brand operation should have personality and concept. Enterprises should connect with products after shaping their brands. The brand should let consumers form such a view. I buy your paint, and your paint must be the best in some aspects. This forms a comparative understanding and cognition, and then we can have emotional dependence on the brand of the enterprise. We should also try to successfully connect the interests of the brand with the interests of the product

take the media as the position to carry out advertising marketing, that is, the advertiser selects the media that conforms to the browsing habits of the target audience, accurately delivers the advertisements to the target population across the media, and purchases "audience" instead of "media", so as to achieve the purpose of accurate advertising. Only by accurately positioning the consumer audience can the brand enter the market

identify the characteristics and form a comparison of advantages

the root of successful marketing of coating enterprises lies in creating differentiation. The differentiation of enterprise products largely affects the consumption orientation of consumers and determines the identification of an enterprise brand. To win in the fierce competition, enterprises need advanced and powerful differentiated products as the basis and support. Find out the process characteristics of the brand itself, and produce a brand selling point. The process enables the product to achieve a leap from "quantity" to "quality", pursue differentiated products, and sell different products to consumers of different classes

identifying their own characteristics and forming differentiated products can not only form their own distinctive brand selling points, but also find the right entry direction for the development of the market battle

strategic marketing expands publicity benefits

the role of multiple factors, such as difficult financing, rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, has seriously affected the survival status of coating enterprises. For paint enterprises that wander between big brands and miscellaneous brands, they should control the investment of hard advertising expenses, save advertising expenses, make effective use of Limited advertising expenses, invest in low-cost and high return publicity strategies such as public relations communication and event marketing, establish a good corporate image, improve market reputation and reputation, and let consumers willingly accept their own brands

in short, extraordinary times require extraordinary means. As long as these coating enterprises are willing to work hard, they can control the low cost and build a strong brand. When the market is in a downturn, paint enterprises wandering between big brands and miscellaneous brands should be careful to verify, be bold, learn to deal with crises, and even turn crises into opportunities





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