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Compared with previous years, the franchise channels are becoming more diversified, and the door and window dealers are becoming more rational when they join, which will increase the difficulty of manufacturers in attracting investment to a certain extent. In this context, how should door and window manufacturers grasp the overall situation and attract powerful manufacturers from dealers

1. Increasing publicity to make the brand "eye-catching"

"improving brand popularity and influence and attracting the attention of dealers are the first step to the success of investment attraction." Brands that are unknown in the market are difficult to get the attention of dealers, and it is even more impossible to trust and follow the manufacturers

knowing the importance of brand awareness, we should use a combination of online and offline publicity activities. Online, door and window manufacturers should have an official website with obvious characteristics, which can comprehensively display the image of the manufacturer and investment information. Dealers can also directly leave messages on the official website, or communicate and consult with customer service; Offline, manufacturers will immediately launch some advertising activities, such as participating in famous exhibitions, holding dealer conferences, group purchase meetings, etc., to improve brand activity. In this way, it also provides channels and opportunities for manufacturers and dealers to communicate, which can deepen the understanding of both sides and promote cooperation

2. Do a good job in goods and services, so that the brand "has a good reputation"

door and window manufacturers can achieve the goal of "attracting a lot of attention" through many activities and advertisements, but if they can't ensure an outstanding reputation, they can only draw water with a bamboo basket - a void. In addition, now is the era of word-of-mouth. Commenting on good or bad goods and sharing experience are the outstanding characteristics of shopping malls. Shopping malls' word-of-mouth is an important basis for influencing consumers' purchase decisions, and dealers will naturally pay attention to this

therefore, door and window manufacturers should still adopt measures to build an outstanding reputation, that is, they should adhere to the excellence of goods and services, win the recognition of shopping malls and even careers, and ensure the surplus supply of dealers

3. The "landing" of the support policy is also a "great contributor" to the success of the manufacturer's investment promotion. For dealers, a full and sympathetic support policy can help them quickly start operations and obtain a surplus; For manufacturers, implementing and improving a series of support policies is the key to retain dealers and promote manufacturers to a higher level




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