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The transformation of door and window franchise companies and production transformation seem to have become the key for door and window franchise companies to gain a firm foothold in the market. In addition, the transformation of door and window terminal stores has also become the key point of many companies. The transformation of companies can also be understood, but what is the transformation of terminal stores

I. The Transformation of door and window franchise companies is burning

what is transformation? That is, the franchise company of doors and windows can no longer follow the old ideological form and development form. At present, the transformation of national and social experience is penetrating into all walks of life, including doors and windows. The country launched industry 4.0, so the factory began to be intelligent. Once the company was supported by high pollution, high energy consumption and high cost. Now it depends on planning, research and fine production to continue to move forward. The proportion of GDP devoted to health is becoming smaller and smaller, and seeking high added value has become the mainstream of the manufacturing industry; The transformation needs to pay value, but after the transformation, the foundation will be evergreen

with the rise of mobile Internet, the transformation of door and window terminals is burning. In the view of insiders, the biggest obstacle in the terminal transformation period is actually the ideological transformation, whether it is in the hope that consumers "relax the ban and don't know how to keep pace with the times" and wait for nothing; Still obsessed with "marketing", ye gonghaolong; Can't solve the problem of terminal development. It's necessary to have a complete "scratch and heal", so that we can really survive in the transition period. So, how should the door and window franchise company make the right effort after all

second, the necessity of the company's terminal transformation

the terminal is closest to the consumer, so it is necessary to understand the changes in spending needs before terminal transformation. At present, terminal spending has undergone innovation, specifically, "aesthetic innovation" and "procurement habits and use habits innovation"; As the real estate industry moves towards the deep-water area, speculative housing is reduced, and rigidity needs to occupy the main stream, the tolerance of defective goods in the market will be lower and lower, and it will be more and more difficult for the terminal to win by low price and low quality; This requires that the franchise companies of doors and windows need to enhance the brand promotion awareness of dealers

in addition, personalized needs have gradually become mainstream. Once a decoration plan can eat for a year, today's consumers have become more picky. A good plan can almost decide a deal. Therefore, whether it is a door and window franchise company or a decoration company, they are changing tricks to please the owner, and Hougong Jiali 3000 are candidates for the audition; How to allocate and combine various plans according to limited commodity styles has become a topic in front of us

it can be seen from the above that if the door and window franchise company wants to make the terminal transformation adapt to the market environment at that time, it is the earliest thing for the door and window franchise company to understand the change of cost needs





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