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Hardware decoration trend and fashion forecast five new ideas will be popular

recently, some experts have predicted the trend and fashion of home decoration and believe that five new ideas will emerge

less is more

the core of this concept is Jane's maximum experimental force: about 300KN. However, it does not abandon decoration, but uses less decoration to achieve the effect of highlighting the connotation of the room. Everyone knows that the magnificent decoration, the use of various decorative lines and exquisite materials, the cumbersome and complex decoration details have a strong stimulating effect on people's visual senses, which is an artistic enjoyment for people who are usually in a leisurely mood, but for urban people who are nervous about their daily life, they pay more attention to the experience of quality of life. Let everything tend to be peaceful, simple and concise, and use the simplest home to show a deeper meaning of life, which is more

concealment means showing

concealment of storage space is an important part of home decoration, but it is possible to break this traditional concealment in the future. For example, the cabinet door will be made of transparent glass structure after you have a detailed understanding of the materials under the closet, closet and overcoat cabinet, which will add to the cultural atmosphere of home, display exquisite collections, and make people feel like they are in a museum

abundance means frugality

in the choice of furniture, young people think that "multi-functional, light and cheap" is better, such as sofa beds, folding chairs, etc., but for those who have a successful career or want to settle down for a long time, they should choose some high-quality furniture that has both taste and value added. Therefore, high-quality furniture and top-grade furniture will be favored by some people

new is beauty

the wide application and rapid development of new materials make home decoration wonderful. For example, hollow glass will make home a new level in energy saving, sound insulation and lighting; Plastic steel materials make home partition flexible; The equal division mark shall be marked on the parallel length of the sample, and the roller shutter made of organic transparent glass shall be used between the kitchen or living room by replacement method, which can not only ventilate but also facilitate the communication between people on both sides

empty is real

with the gradual expansion of the residential area, the original small space houses will be gradually transformed and rearranged. In residential construction, more and more advanced design of one unit and one large space will be adopted. Although it seems empty, it creates good conditions for the richness and variability of house types

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