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Siveco and pcvue join hands to participate in the 12th International Industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition

On June, the 12th international modern factory/process automation technology and equipment exhibition was held in Beijing

On June, the 12th International Automation Exhibition was held in Shenzhen, focusing on the breakthrough of new high-performance drag reduction coating technology and ship bottom air lubrication drag reduction technology in industrial control in South China

siveco and pcvue can provide a highly integrated industrial automation and building automation management software platform to assist enterprises, system integrators, factory engineers, terminal operators and consultants to establish an efficient and low-cost automation solution

the solution is oriented to property and factories, and provides strong support for the improvement of work and production efficiency. Including fault diagnosis, safety management and decision support. The system is closely combined in two aspects: 1. User interface (for example, the operator can view MMS module in SCADA interface); 2. Data exchange (e.g. automatic transfer of alarm and instrument data to cmmms for post-processing)

pcvue and siveco have cooperated for more than ten years and successfully implemented integrated monitoring and maintenance systems for leaders in Renault, Singapore metro, Airbus and other industries. In the Singapore metro project, the vessels of pcvue and siveco are composed of two sets of isolated vessel systems. The coswin maintenance management system provides services including user demand analysis, scheme design, system setup, system installation and commissioning, training and technical support for the northeast line and loop line of Singapore metro, so as to ensure that operators can timely overhaul the assets of the whole line, ensure passenger safety and improve service level, Control maintenance costs

pcvue China's chief representative Mr. Nicolas said: "we launched a new integration solution" pcvuesolution "in Shanghai for the first time, and joined with our partner siveco to add CMMS to the new solution to promote more perfect solutions If we take each industry as a whole, the market of industrial facilities, building automation and SCADA in China is becoming more and more mature, and customers' requirements are becoming higher and higher What system suppliers want is a simple tool that is immediately available with enhanced imaging capabilities Users want better compatibility between the system, higher security and the most advanced technologies. I believe pcvue will meet these needs With the help of CMMs, we provide a way to improve the ROI of end users This is why we are very pleased to hold a technical seminar in Shanghai on November 22 and Beijing on November 26 It aims to show our software and its advantages in detail. "

mr. Bruno, general manager of siveco China, said: "this integrated system has been put into use for many years, but it has not been published publicly. We take this opportunity to make a formal statement to the market, especially the Chinese market that has yet to be developed. The two basic target markets are real estate (large buildings and multi asset owners) and urban transportation (Metro). Our solutions have been successfully applied in these markets. Moreover, this integrated platform is very attractive to customers who consider the sustainability of future systems and project risks, because this platform enables them to see the future of improving production and work operation

about the French Rainbow computer company, it must be in accordance with the Metrology Law of the people's Republic of China, pcvue and siveco:

French Rainbow computer company is a high-tech enterprise established in China by French arc informatique. With its advanced system solutions, it has been widely used in food industry, semiconductor and electronic industry, oil and natural gas, automobile, chemical industry, pharmacy, transportation, intelligent building, hydropower and public utilities and other professional fields. It has won major engineering achievements such as European Airbus production line, Paris airport, Mexico metro, etc. It has won the high trust of Schneider, Alstom, Yokogawa and Veolia in the world. We have 150 distributors and partners worldwide

pcvue (has always been a leader in the development of scada/hmi in Europe, providing innovative monitoring and control solutions for industrial processes, service industry and property management.

siveco (is a leading maintenance management system supplier in Europe, and has developed a series of solutions for China's maintenance management characteristics

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