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SIPA company launched a new special machine for plastic bottle production

SIPA company in Italy recently showed two new special machines for plastic bottle production on Drinktec 2005, one of which was unveiled for the first time. SIPA disclosed that the two models are the company's smallest and largest models based on production. In addition, the company can also provide supporting solutions to meet customer needs

sipa makes the annual production capacity of membrane materials reach 17million square meters. The "one-step" process directly sends the bottle blank to the bottle blowing station, which improves the production capacity and product quality

sipa can provide linear and rotary blow molding machines and bottle blank injection molding machines with different output rates. Various models are professionally designed to meet different production requirements. They are suitable for processing pet, OPP, PLA, blends and other materials. They can be used to produce large capacity containers, hot filling and disinfection bottles, barrier packaging and other products

sipa's ECS injection, drawing and blowing integrated production technology can produce 3, 800 bottles per hour (HS and FX Series). The company's one-step production equipment has its unique features, including: there are two mutually independent bottle making lines on one equipment that should be subject to the testing requirements and content items of the national testing center, which can simultaneously produce PET bottles of the same specification and PET bottles of two different specifications and shapes. Not only that, the two lines can even produce two different PET bottles at the same time, for example, one side produces 1.5L hot can bottles; The other side produces pet bottles for 2L carbonated beverages; It can also be realized that one line can produce normally, and the other line can replace the mold or carry out overhaul, adjustment or maintenance without hindering the whole production process. The product arrangement has certain flexibility and can meet diversified production needs

in addition, since the bottle blank after injection molding is blown immediately after the temperature is adjusted, the process of reheating the bottle blank in the traditional "two-step method" is eliminated, which saves energy. At the same time, it also avoids the scratching of the bottle surface caused by collision in the "two-step method" during the bottle blank conveying process, which greatly improves the product quality. It is worth mentioning that the one-time heating process can improve the crystallinity of polyester when many manufacturers choose tensile testing machines, so as to reduce the weight of bottles and save production costs. The control system of ESC series equipment monitors each process parameter in the whole process, which can not only ensure the quality of finished products, but also ensure the most sufficient pet crystallization, the most reasonable distribution and the least consumption of each bottle under the same quality and performance conditions

"said jochenfoe el, who is responsible for component optimization and injection mold of Valeo

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