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Six future development trends of China's door and window industry

Abstract: the weakening of national macro policies, the tightening of bank credit, and the increase of bank interest have led to a vicious competitive environment and serious project advance. As the state requires all construction units to provide migrant workers' wage deposit system in 2017, the advance payment of construction units has been increased, which objectively occupies part of the cash flow. The speed of enterprise capital turnover has been reduced, increasing the difficulty of enterprise capital turnover

in recent years, the real estate market has been booming, and its downstream construction industry has also tended to be booming. The door and window industry will show the following six development trends in the next decade

continuous breakthroughs on the basis of quantity

at present, the construction industry has become a consumption hotspot and economic growth point in China, and the domestic demand will gradually increase. Driven by the western development, revitalization of the northeast, urban transformation and new town construction, the total market volume of aluminum doors and windows will continue to grow

form a market structure dominated by large enterprises and assisted by small and medium-sized enterprises

at present, the door and window industry has formed a technological innovation system with more than 100 large enterprises as the main body and more than 50 backbone enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan as the representative. These large backbone enterprises have met the different needs of customers. The aluminum doors and windows with insulating glass account for less than 30% of the total aluminum doors and windows market, and the output value accounts for about 50% of the total industrial output value of the whole industry. They have established a good market image for the whole industry in national key projects, large and medium-sized city image projects, urban landmark buildings, foreign-funded projects and foreign engineering construction, Become the main force of technological innovation, brand excellence and market development in the whole industry

transformation of product structure

the share of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the building door and window market will remain above 55%, and the product structure will change greatly. Affected by the national building energy conservation policy and the energy crisis, the proportion of energy-saving and environment-friendly aluminum alloy doors and windows will be greatly increased

low carbon and environmental protection become the premise of development

with the arrival of a well-off life, consumers have higher and higher requirements for their living environment. Green consumption has become the dominant concept in the construction consumption market, and green consumption has brought huge green business opportunities. Therefore, to meet the green consumption demand and develop high-performance and high-tech ecological buildings and doors and windows, we should not only think about the architectural appearance effect, the basic physical performance of the doors and windows and the cost, but also link the overall design of curtain walls and doors and windows with the ecological environment, so as to have good performance for the doors and windows after construction, reduce the pollution to the environment and create a comfortable environment for people

products are becoming richer and more competitive

the market competition of aluminum doors and windows is becoming more intense. As the door and window industry has entered a preliminary stage of maturity, and the competition is fierce, the profits of various enterprises are reduced at present. The market products of building doors and windows are increasingly rich, forming a diversified market structure dominated by aluminum, plastic, wood and steel. More new products will appear in the application of new materials and technologies. Compared with other industries, aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall products have small product differences and more intense competition

large and small enterprises have difficulty in capital turnover

the national macro policies are generally weak and controlled, bank credit is tight, and bank interest is increased, which leads to a vicious competitive environment and serious project advance. As the state requires all construction units to provide the migrant workers' wage deposit system, the advance funds of construction units are increased, which objectively occupies a part of the cash flow, the speed of enterprise capital turnover is reduced, and the difficulty of enterprise capital turnover is increased

on the one hand, large door and window enterprises can increase the possibility of obtaining larger projects, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is relatively difficult; But on the other hand, small and medium-sized door and window enterprises can also combine their own advantages to find "short and fast" projects to increase the speed of capital turnover

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