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Consumers know more about the main materials such as coatings, floors, sanitary wares, etc. they not only pay great attention to their design, style, function and other aspects, but also put forward higher requirements for the environmental protection performance of these materials, and personally supervise the procurement. However, all kinds of building materials and auxiliary materials, including adhesives for bonding wood furniture, walls, tiles, and wall and tile surface treatment materials, such as all-purpose glue, wallpaper glue, tile glue, white latex, wallpaper powder, and glue powder, are often neglected links, and often because these small places are not paid attention to, the whole decoration project cannot meet the requirements of environmental protection, and even directly cause harm to human body

in order to save costs, some irregular decoration teams will try to choose low-cost auxiliary materials, while the owner may only pay attention to the main materials, ignore the attention to auxiliary materials, and hand over the purchase of auxiliary materials to the decoration team for full treatment. Once the non environmental protection or even inferior products are adopted, the owner himself will eventually be injured

generally speaking, healthy home decoration includes environmental protection in three links: design, material selection and construction. Many consumers believe that they have achieved green decoration after they have been involved in these links. However, after they officially check in, they still feel that there is a pungent smell in their home and can't find the hidden culprit, so they feel very confused

◆ building ecological decoration follows four main principles

green ecological decoration is a complete process, including green environmental protection design, green decoration material use, green environmental protection construction, and the following four main principles should be followed

Economy: home decoration consumes huge social wealth. According to incomplete statistics, Shanghai alone currently spends 30billion yuan a year on home decoration. For each family, home decoration costs at least tens of thousands of yuan, hundreds of thousands of yuan, and more than hundreds of thousands of yuan or even millions of yuan. Therefore, we should establish the concept of achieving the same effect in the most economical way

comfort: the purpose of people's home decoration is to make their family life more comfortable, so what kind of home environment is comfortable? This mainly depends on the degree to which it meets people's material and spiritual needs. The former is to meet the use requirements of family life in function and provide a natural environment that makes the human body feel comfortable. The latter is to create an atmosphere suitable for family life, so that home has a certain aesthetic value, and through association, it can have a certain emotional value

safety: for the quality of home decoration design, China generally applies the standards of architectural design, that is, the principles that home decoration design must abide by &mdash& mdash; Safety, health, comfort and economy. The order of these four principles must not be mistaken. It expresses the degree of importance from one side

health: in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to health. Therefore, the health problems of architecture and interior decoration have also attracted much attention. At present, China is taking corresponding measures in this regard, and put forward the concept of healthy housing. The so-called healthy housing is to make people's homes have a natural environment conducive to health, without or less pollution harmful to health, and at the same time, it can meet the normal living life of special groups (the disabled, the elderly, etc.)





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