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Today, the modern simple decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi two rooms and one living room recommended by Xiaobian for you is designed and decorated completely according to the taste of the post-80s generation. The overall style of this case tends to be modern and simple. It is designed and arranged by the owner himself. The feeling of doing it yourself is really different. Come and see what the post-80s home is like

community: Poly Lafite (more decoration renderings of poly Lafite community) house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: half package contract amount: 50000 decoration company: Decoration bidding company

Design Description: both the couple are post-80s, and like many post-80s, they have great pressure every day, so they choose a simple and comfortable modern simple style. Since most of the money has been spent on buying a house by yourself, you can only save as much as you can when decorating. Although it was hard to decorate, the feeling of decoration was really good

the restaurant only has the same structure of dining table and dining chair, table and downstairs coffee table, which are made by ourselves. The style refers to Elvis Presley furniture

the bedroom space is relatively small. The owner makes full use of the limited space and uses a very thin style on the head of the bed, which is very suitable. But I feel that the color of the sliding door in the bedroom is obviously wrong, which doesn't match the overall feeling

the design of TV background wall is very fashionable, and the pattern appears. However, the tone and feeling of the sofa are inconsistent with the style of the living room, which is another nondescript flavor of the whole space

the arrangement and collocation are good, which is very suitable for the feeling of the whole family. The shutters are also very suitable for the door of the restaurant. The selected lights are also a highlight, which makes the space more fashionable and jumping

the bathroom is very small, but the owner uses various ways to deal with the problem of small space. The choice of toilet and basin is very good

Introduction to poly Raffi community

poly Raffi project is located in Houhu area, at the intersection of Houhu Avenue and Jianshe Canal Road, covering an area of 135403.17 square meters, with a total construction area of about 466000 square meters. It is planned to be constructed in four phases. Poly Raffi is built by Tongjian Baibuting United Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is jointly formed by Tongjian Urban Development Co., Ltd. and Baibuting group, two influential real estate enterprises. Poly Raffi has developed public transportation. The project is adjacent to the station entrance of rail line 1 and Metro Line 3. In front of the community, there is a long-term planned station entrance of metro line 12, and there are many bus lines

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