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(Kadi protects the home, quietly) facing the disordered market competition, door and window enterprises should establish the central competitiveness, and the door and window brand competition has become an important part of the central competitiveness. In the increasingly volatile market conditions, the brand of enterprises has become the key to win customer loyalty and long-term life and growth of enterprises

in the global situation, the central competitiveness of modern enterprises has been increasingly linked with the competitiveness of product brands. The relationship between the two is mutually restrictive and interdependent, which is a point that Chinese enterprises must keep awake after joining the WTO

The development during the period of needs to establish the brand central competitiveness. The enterprise central competitiveness refers to the key elements for the life and development of enterprises, such as some skills, skills and management mechanisms. An enterprise that continues to win must have its central talent, which needs to be opened up, cultivated, constantly stabilized and updated, because even if it establishes the central competitiveness, it can be disintegrated again

how to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises has become an important issue in the operation and management of enterprises. Brand competitiveness is the commercialization of enterprise competitiveness in the market, and it can also be said to be the materialization of enterprise competitiveness

to establish the central competitiveness of the brand, we must first build the competitiveness of the door and window industry. The tools to become the central competitiveness of enterprises must have particularity, according to the concept of experts, that is &39; Can't buy &39&# 39; Cannot steal &39&# 39; Cannot disassemble &39&# 39; Can't take away &39&# 39; Cannot slip away &39;, In other words, the central resources needed for doors and windows should have such characteristics: no market can buy them; There should be law enforcement protection; Resources and talents are complementary; Constructive, not personal; Continue to be competitive

brand is an intangible asset to door and window enterprises. During the brand competition, its significance and tension are self-evident. Therefore, door and window enterprises also need to consider more and spend more on brand building




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